Training program

Training program

“Be a finisher” by Clas Björling

Are you already registered for this summer’s triathlon party in Vansbro or are you in thoughts on signing up? In that case, it is only to congratulate as I have now put together a simple, but very well thought out training program, which concludes with just the middle distance Challenge Vansbro 1 July.


The training program is mainly aimed at those who have a little foundation in fitness training and will run Challenge Vansbro for the first time with the goal of completing the race in a good way. This program will be released in 4 week blocks where every 4th week have a little extra focus on recovery, then there are four training-free days that week compared to two the other weeks.

As we have already entered February, I expect that you have started training a bit and are ready to enter more specific triathlon training with a focus on swimming, cycling and running. If you like cross-country skiing, it’s fine to include skiing instead of one of the cycling sessions and/or substitute a swimming session and then take up more cycling and swimming again according to the schedule.


I have put Mondays and Fridays as rest and recovery days, but of course you can change the days if it suits you better to rest on some other days. The program is based in the coming weeks on 2 sessions of swimming, 2 cycling sessions and 2 running sessions (a separate running session and one directly after a cycling session). If you then want to add 1-2 simple strength sessions, that’s okay, but make sure you have at least one training-free day per week!

Download the training program here:

Week 6,7,8,9 

Week 10,11,12,13

Week 14, 15, 16, 17









Good luck and see you at the finish line!

Clas Björling

Challenge Vansbro